New Wilmington, PA Map



New Wilmington is serviced by a completely volunteer fire department. These volunteers serve not only the Borough, but also the surrounding townships.

Non-emergency phone: (724) 946-2544

The fire department is located at 140 West Neshannock Avenue, across the street from the Post Office. The fire department operates on a volunteer basis and covers not only the Borough, but also the surrounding Wilmington Townships in Lawrence and Mercer counties. They also assist other fire departments when needed.

The fire department has two grass trucks, three pumper tankers (one is a tanker pumper, one is a rescue pumper and one is a standard pumper) and one tank truck with portable pumps and lighting equipment.  In addition there are two emergency generators, breathing units with extra tanks and miscellaneous equipment.  All equipment is on a county-wide radio band.  In addition to the Borough, the New Wilmington Volunteer Fire Department covers Lawrence County to the south, Wilmington Township, Mercer County to Interstate 80 to the north, Cotton School Road to the west and Shephard School Road to the east. 






New Wilmington Fire Department, pictured above.



Ambulance service for the Borough and Wilmington Townships in Lawrence and Mercer counties is provided by Noga Ambulance Service Inc.
The emergency rescue service can be reached by dialing 911.  If you call in an emergency, give your name, address, type of medical emergency, and distinct directions to the location.  Try to stay calm! 

To report a fire, call 911, give your name, address, and distinct directions to the scene of the fire.  Firemen are alerted by siren, along with messages sent out on their pagers.